UPDATE 07/02/2022

Read patchs notes so you are aware of the changes the server has

Server Changes

  • Weapons lv change from Lv140 to Lv130 (this to be able to upgrade to Lv145.)
  • You can imbue new weapons with Genesis Essences.
  • Upcoming New gears Lv135. (monday 10th of July.) MAY BE BEFORE.
  • Minor changes on new boss at pokari, now first skill change from Sec 55 to sec 30, second skill from 1.22sec to 75 sec.
  • Minor Changes on new boss HP from 1.71B to 1.92B
  • Minor Changes on new boss debuff.
  • Reroll item for new weaps is Infusion (300)
  • Fee cost for reroll increase from 5g to 50g on new weaps

*** Note - Patchs will be every 2 to 3 weeks.***

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